2022 Saskatoon Seminar

We successfully held the 31st Saskatoon Kendo Seminar May 6-8, 2022, after cancelling the previous 2 years due to Covid-19. More than 60 participants enjoyed instruction from our guests Shigemitsu Kamata (7 dan) and Ryo Yasumura (6 dan) from Etobicoke Kendo. Many thanks to Lance Wall and Ryan Chappell who did much of the organizing. Thanks also to Thomas Yamashita, David Westhead, Karen Wagner, Stephanie Bozzer, Jason Stelck, Kyle Eunseob Lee and Flora Chan for bringing out their club members in such uncertain times.
We had a successful grading on May 8 with 25 participants. The grading panel consisted of Kamata-sensei, Lee-sensei, Westhead-sensei, Bozzer-sensei and Gendzwill-sensei. Congratulations to Sunghyang Choi from Saskatoon for passing ikkyu, and also winning the fighting spirit award during the tournament the day previous. Also congratulations to Ryan Chappell from Saskatoon for taking 2nd place in the sandan division.

Tournament results:

1. Aiden Bae, Chinook
2. Paul Jo, Chinook
3. Christian Ono, Sturgeon; Patrick Yoon, Chinook 
1. Aiden Bae, Chinook
2. Paul Jo, Chinook
3. Scott Anthony, Sturgeon; Rui Nian, Edmonton
1-2 Dan
1. Kevin Dyck, Sturgeon
2. Kiho Yoon, Chinook
3. John Magaling, SFU; Janet Leahy, Calgary
3 Dan
1. Darren Berar, Calgary
2. Ryan Chappell, Saskatoon
3. Dan Gyoba, Edmonton
1. Nadia Leenders, Sturgeon
2. Flora Chan, Calgary
3. Janet Leahy, Calgary; Julie Hladky, Edmonton
4+ Dan
1. Jason Stelck, Sturgeon
2. Stephen Hladky, Edmonton
3. Matthew Russell, Edmonton; Reuben Gabac, Tesshin
1. Chinook
2. Calgary
3. Sturgeon; Edmonton

Fighting Spirit
Sunghyang Choi, Saskatoon