2012 Saskatoon Seminar

The 23rd Annual Saskatoon Kendo Seminar was held March 2 – March 4 2010. We had another great seminar this year. About 60 people came from all over the prairies plus BC. This year we were pleased to welcome a new club, Chinook Kendo Club from Calgary. Thanks to Kyle Lee and Daisaku Taguchi for bringing out their club. We were also pleased to see Armond and Richard representing UBC. Of course Manitoba Kendo Club, Edmonton Kendo Club, Calgary Kendo Club and Regina Kendo Club sent delegations. Missing this year was University of Winnipeg, hopefully they will visit us next year.

Thanks go out to our guest instructors, Daisuke Hayashi from University of Victoria Kendo Club, Takashi Yamada and Akiko Fukushima from Vancouver Kendo Club.

Also thanks to our club volunteers who made this possible, Lance Wall and Ryan Chappell.

Sorely missed this year was Bob Takagaki, who was a long-time supporter of our seminar and of prairie kendo in general. Takagaki-sensei passed away in the fall. We all raised a glass to him at the party on Saturday night.

This year, we had 17 candidates for grading. Congratulations to all who passed, particularly Saskatoon members:
Nidan: Joey Roufousse
Shodan: Daniel Gorin

It was especially nice this year to see six Saskatoon kids in the tournament. Tournament results:

1. Tyr (SKC)
2. Taylor (SKC)
3. Spencer (SKC)
3. Dominic (SKC)

1. Shawn Geres (EKC)
2. John Buryk (EKC)
3. Sarah Shimizu (EKC)
3. Maria Mikova (CKC)

1. Richard Lei (UBC)
2. Jean-Louis Bleau (CKC)
3. Ken Zalinski (MKC)
3. Katie Ip (CKC)

1-2 Dan
1. Reuben Gabac (MKC)
2. Shawn MacFadden (SKC)
3. Ryan Chappell (SKC)
3. Steve Hladky (EKC)

1. Akiko Fukushima (VKC)
2. Takako Matisz (SKC)
3. Flora Chan (CKC)
3. Katie Ip (CKC)

3+ Dan
1. Kyle Lee (Chinook)
2. Daisaku Taguchi (Chinook)
3. Takashi Yamada (VKC)
3. Yusuke Yanai (RKC)

1. Chinook
2. Manitoba
3. Saskatoon
3. Calgary

Fighting Spirit
Lorie Chow (Chinook)