Practice Information

Practice Information

Kendo classes are conducted in a traditional manner. Terminology is usually in Japanese, although instruction is in English or by demonstration. Beginners are instructed separately until they have learned enough of the basics to train with the advanced students. Although there is special clothing and equipment involved with kendo, beginners need not worry about that initially. Wear some comfortable clothing you don’t mind sweating into – we will provide the rest. Beginners can expect to spend most of their early classes practising basic footwork, posture and strokes. After a few months (six is about average) the student is ready to start practising in armour.


Qualified instruction in Kendo in Saskatoon has been provided since 1981 by the Saskatoon Kendo Club. The head instructor, Ken Miyaoka, is a 7th degree black belt with over 50 years of experience. The other instructors include Neil Gendzwill and Takako Matisz, both 6th degree, Lance Wall and Juhachi Asai, both 5th degree. The club is a member of the Canadian Kendo Federation. The club is non-profit and instruction is on a volunteer basis.


Saskatoon Kendo Club does not run a separate program for kids. All students are taught in the same class. Minimum age to join kendo is 12.

New members

Saskatoon Kendo Club accepts new beginners in September and January. We accept new members who have kendo experience at any time. Registration for the 2018 fall term is open until the end of September. The first class for fall 2018 is Wednesday, September 12. There will be open house classes on that date and Sunday, September 16. You need not register to try the open house class. Just show up in some clothes you can move in: we will provide the rest.

Registration is through the YMCA. Sign up at the front desk if you are still interested after the open house class.

Equipment Costs

You will be expected to purchase a shinai (practise sword) for $40.00. After a month or so, you will be expected to purchase a uniform for about $100. You will begin to wear armour sometime in the first year. The armour is available for rent from the club at a rate of $20/term.