Bogu Recommendations: last update August 29, 2022

There are a number of people looking into buying bogu right now. We recommend using one of KendoStar (, All-Japan Budogu (, AOI ( or Tozando ( Please note that if you use AOI, you should mention our club name as we are entitled to a discounted price.

Right now we are recommending the KendoStar Vanguard or Vanguard Basic sets, priced at this writing at $CDN817 and $CDN615 respectively including shipping and all duties/brokerage. However if any sets from the other sites catch your eye, please talk to me about it before ordering.

Don’t forget to budget for a bag. Budget another $60 or so for brokerage/duty if you go with All-Japan or Tozando; AOI is a Canadian supplier so hopefully there is no brokerage, but sometimes they ship direct from the supplier in which case you may pay brokerage.

If you are confused, ask to have a look at various member’s sets. We have examples of sets from all four suppliers in the club. Also, please be sure to get my help in taking the measurements.

   – Neil