2023 Saskatoon Seminar

The 34th annual Saskatoon Kendo Seminar was held May 5-7 at the YMCA and Marion Graham Collegiate. This year we had about 80 participants from 10 different dojo.

Many thanks to our guest sensei, Shigemitsu Mitch Kamata and Ryo Bobby Yasumura from Etobicoke Kendo Club. They taught two excellent seminar sessions focussed on the elements of ippon, and provided invaluable guidance to our shimpan during the tournament.

This year we had 30 people who challenged the grading. Congratulations to all who passed, but especially to Sunghyang Choi of Saskatoon Kendo Club who passed shodan.

Tournament Results
1. Seth Stepaniuk, Manitoba
2. Yieon Kim, Chinook
3. Grace Chang, Chinook
3. Braedon Chartrand, Chinook
1. Yieon Kim, Chinook
2. Roman Voigt, Edmonton
3. Steve Chubaty, Winnipeg
3. Ian Bigelowe, Sturgeon
1-2 Dan
1. Kevin Dyck, Sturgeon
2. Jin Licuanan, Sturgeon
3. Janet Leahy, Calgary
3. Evan Salcedo, Sturgeon
3 Dan
1. Shion Miyashita, Sturgeon
2. Ryan Chappell, Saskatoon
3. Darren Berar, Calgary
3. Michael Wagner, Regina
1. Janet Leahy, Calgary
2. Nadia Leenders, Sturgeon
3. Hailey Michaelchuk, Sturgeon
3. Haven Elizabeth, Sturgeon
1. Tsuyoshi Hamanaka, Tozenji
2. Steve Hladky, Strathcona
3. Frank Ullenboom, Regina
3. Jason Stelck, Sturgeon
1. Sturgeon A
2. Strathcona
3. Calgary
3. Sturgeon B
Fighting Spirit
Katie Ip, Calgary