2018 Saskatoon Seminar

The 29th Annual Saskatoon Kendo Seminar was held March 2-4, 2018. About 85 people came from all over the prairies plus BC and Ontario.

This year we were pleased to welcome Jin Whan Lee, Harry Kim and Bree Yang of Jungko in Toronto, as well as Hiro Okusa from SFU.

Lee-sensei was the main instructor. The main seminar session on Saturday morning was focussed on referee instruction, with 3rd dan and up students trying their hand at shimpan while 2nd dan and under played matches. Friday evening and some of Saturday was devoted to basics, but included some interesting waza for everyone to try. On Sunday afternoon Saskatoon members were treated to some drills that the Korean team does which were fun and challenging.

As in previous years, Okusa-sensei ran a iaido seminar on the Thursday night preceding the seminar.

Thanks to our club volunteers who made this possible, especially Jared Fedorchuk and Ryan Chappell. Also thanks to Neil’s wife Donnagail Knipe for organizing the lunch and providing some delicious home-baked treats.

This year, we had 39 candidates for grading. Congratulations to all who passed, particularly Saskatoon members:
Emily Hulowski, shodan
Angus Palendat, shodan
Hoang Nguyen, shodan
Xiaolou Liu, shodan
Machiko Miyaoka, shodan
Khai Kang, nidan<

Tournament results:
1. Alex Felizardo, Manitoba Kendo Club (MKC)
2. Emily Hulowski, Saskatoon Kendo Club (SKC)
3. Arwen Koops, Regina Kendo Club (RKC)
3. Gabrielle Rouleau, Edmonton Kendo Club (EKC)

1. Angus Palendat, SKC
2. Darrell Delorme, Winnipeg Kendo Club (WKC)
3. Thierry Lavoie, Manitoba Kendo Club (MKC)
3. Krispen Baron, WKC

1-2 Dan
1. Shion Miyashita, EKC
2. Chang Bong Song, Calgary Kendo Club (CKC)
3. Colin Gibson, SKC
3. Ken Zelinsky, MKC

3 Dan
1. Shoto Kishida, CKC
2. Mitsuaki Ota, SKC
3. Zanac Hsia, EKC
3. Jason Stelck, EKC

1. Kyoko Miyata, MKC
2. Bree Yang, Jungko
3. Flora Chan, CKC
3. Nadia Leenders, EKC

1. Harry Kim, Jungko
2. Kyoko Miyata, MKC
3. Andrew Tse, Tesshin
3. Steve Hladky, EKC

1. Tesshin
2. Edmonton
3. Saskatoon
3. Chinook

Fighting Spirit
Evgeny Gotfrid, Tesshin