2010 Saskatoon Seminar

2010 Saskatoon Seminar

The 21st Annual Saskatoon Kendo Seminar was held March 5 – March 7 2010. We had a great seminar this year. About 80 people showed up to improve their kendo and reunite with old friends. This year we were please to celebrate Asa-sensei’s 30 years of service as CKF president.

Thanks go out to our guest instructors, Ray Murao from Steveston, Bryan Asa from JCCC and Maya Taguchi from Renfrew. Also visiting were Dave Harding from UBC and current CKF president Hiro Okusa from SFU.

Also thanks to our club volunteers who made this possible, Lance Wall, Wes Myers, Kaiser Ali and Lester Young.

This year, we had 30 candidates for grading. Congratulations to all who passed, particularly Saskatoon members:
Sandan: Yusuke Yanai
Nidan: Kaiser Ali, Ryan Chappell, Anand Elango , Shelbe Li
Shodan: Marv Harder, Shanshan Mei , Lester Young
Ikkyu: Jeff Baldwin, Tyler Davey, Erica Krumpitz, David Laprise, Cynthia Mack, Joey Roufousse.

We had a great tournament this year. Tournament results:

1. Gryphon Gray (MKC)
2. Andrew Young (MKC)
3. Kellie Huynh (MKC)

1. Jonathan Regnier (SKC)
2. Drew Masniuk (CKC)
3. Wallace (EKC)
3. Duncan Gurr (RKC)

1. Armond Li (UBC)
2. Jeff Baldwin (SKC)
3. Steve Hladky (EKC)
3. Lester Young (SKC)

1-2 Dan
1. Siebren Kwekkeboom (UBC)
2. Reuben Gabac (MKC)
3. Ryan Chappell (SKC)
3. Reuche Gabac (MKC)

1. Mika Asai (EKC)
2. Flora Chan (CKC)
3. Keiko Marumo (EKC)
3. Cynthia Mack (SKC)

3+ Dan
1. Oondoo Baik (SKC)
2. Dave Westhead (MKC)
3. Joseph Kim (EKC)
3. Lance Wall (SKC)

1. Edmonton
2. Manitoba
3. Calgary
3. Saskatoon

Fighting Spirit
Shanshan Mei (SKC)